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Naam: Nick 16-07-2010 om 09:39
Its such a great way to visit the US/Canada particularly if you're travelling alone. The westerners are the best of all the trek trips imo though. (shout if you want a crafty trek discount code [email protected] )
Naam: Lyne 26-06-2010 om 23:05
Hello! I met a group of Trekkers in Dulce, NM, while my husband and I were getting fuel. We were happy to see them in Dulce, as that is the homeland of the Jicarilla Apache Nation. I hope that many people will get to experience the beauty of this reservation in northern New Mexico and to meet some of the tribal members. There is a wonderful cultural center and the creativity of the Jicarilla people is beyond compare! Welcome, visitors!
Naam: Fanny 01-06-2009 om 18:00
Hey Cees, Met veel plezier heb ik je verhaal gelezen. Ik kwam op je site terecht via de website van trekamerica. Ik heb namelijk zelf de westerner 3 reis geboekt voor 25 september 2009. Duurt nog een paar maanden, maar kan nu al niet wachten, helemaal niet na het lezen van je verhalen! Groetjes Fanny [email protected]
Naam: Tommy 28-02-2009 om 17:09
Nice pictures mate
Naam: Robin 04-12-2007 om 12:39
Wouww, what a GREAT side with a lots of fabulous photos & stories. I really liked it very much, Cees. Hope, oneday I can also make such a great TRIP, and surely if I have enough money :))) Tnx for sharing such a nice SITE with everyone. Greetings, Robin Maas (Robje)
Naam: Riek 06-06-2007 om 23:26
mooie website Cees :)
Naam: Silke 21-03-2007 om 16:13
Hello. I want to do this trip in the summer. Could you tell me how much money i have to spend, all included?
Naam: Alan Wright 16-03-2007 om 16:14
fantastic pictures ! i was on the westerner 3 back in July 94 and it was the best trip ever. so many great memories come back looking at your photos. i'm still very good friends with a few trekkers from my trip after all this time.
Naam: Pete 08-02-2007 om 21:42
Hi, really like the site. I have travelled with trekamerica last year with my now fiancee ( proposed in monument valley at sun rise... awwww )we really enjoyed the experience. We are now looking at doing the Westerner 3 for our honeymoon! Shows how much we liked the trip the first time. Thanks for the opportunity to see some pictures of the places that we will be going and some of the places that we have already been to on the Rocky Mountain High, they brought back fond memories.
Naam: Geraldine 07-02-2007 om 23:44
Brilliant website. I am taking the trip in May and really looking forward to it!
Naam: Michelle 09-01-2007 om 00:00
Great to see the pictures. I too went on the Westerner 3 in 1997 and I can honestly say it was the best 3 weeks of my life. If you haven't yet travelled with Trek America you must. Unfortunately I am now 40 and am too old!!
Naam: Roberto 06-01-2007 om 23:20
Hi Cees, wat a great Website...I really liked it. I hoop that i will oneday have enough money to be able to make this trip. it sounds , from PHOTO�s Such a gorgious, magnificent, cheerfull trip. When im ready with college! :-) Anyway, Cees : tnx a lots to share such a nice website with everyone. Bye byeeee
Naam: Cees 01-10-2006 om 15:31
Hoi Gerry, Allereerst bedankt voor het schrijven in mijn gastenboek, ten tweede: Als het binnen je vermogen ligt (qua geld en tijd), dan moet het zeker doen. Het voor mij is het nu 4 jaar geleden en ik kan nog steeds hele verhalen vertellen over die vakantie. Mijn vertrek- en eindpunt was LA (daar was ik nog nooit eerder geweest) en ik had via Trekamerica ��n nacht van te voren en ��n nacht erna geboekt in het Hacienda Hotel. Was veel te weinig, ik had nu geen tijd om LA te bekijken. Eenmaal in de hal van het vliegveld van LA, ben ik naar de informatie balie gestapt. Ik vroeg daar hoe ik in het Hacienda hotel kon komen. De man achter de balie belde meteen het gratis taxibusje van het hotel. Klaar was Cees. Ik was er zelf ook verbaast over dat het zo makkelijk ging. Andere tips: Maak FOTO'S, honderden, indien mogelijk. En maak aantekening tijdens de reis om later een verslag te maken op internet. Als het een leuk verslag is, mag deze ook op mijn website komen. Neem een creditcard mee als je die hebt, je kan daar overigens ook heel makkelijk geld pinnen (kost 3 euro per keer ofzo, dus niet te vaak doen). Zelf had ik op verschillende plaatsen geld "verstopt" onder het motto als er dan iets gestolen wordt, dan heb ik ergens anders nog geld. Jammer genoeg heb ik mijn reisverhaal niet afgemaakt (geen tijd) maar op de website onder "stories" -> "Cees" kan je wel de eerste 15 dagen lezen. Goede reis! En laat nog iets van je horen Met vriendelijke groet, Cees Willemse
Naam: Gerry 01-10-2006 om 14:48
Hey, Ik ben via de site van trekamerica op je site terecht gekomen. Erg leuk om een de ervaring te lezen van een nederlander die met trekamerica op pad is geweest. Zelf wil ik misschien in Juli deelnemen aan zo'n reis, maar heb jij nog tips voor me? Wat ik bijvoorbeeld eng vind is dat je het vervoer van vliegveld naar hotel en terug zelf moet regelen, of gaat dat vrij gemakkelijk? Ik hoop dat je me hier over wil mailen, want dit is het enigste wat me nog tegen houdt!! Groetjes Gerry
Naam: Legohead 31-07-2006 om 00:27
I'm not one to write on these messageboards but has to be said quality website, and tips section very useful!! I'm flying out tomorrow for the grand trek both excited and nervous! cheers again.
Naam: Ko 01-04-2006 om 22:57
Hoi Cees, Eindelijk eens tijd gemaakt om al je foto's te zien en je verhaal te lezen, prachtige foto's en eeen eerlijk verhaal (nooit geweten dat je zo'n drankorgelwas?). Veel dingen herken ik al had ik dat de mazzel dat er elke avond een bed klaarstond in een hotel. Dat rondtrekken heeft zo zijn voordelen maar elke avond een douche en een bar voor een koude Bud is ook wat waard. p.s. wanneer ga je verder het is inmiddels 2006!.....
Naam: Juanita 07-03-2006 om 15:32
Dear Cees, the website is really great - we have to chat again! Take Care and God Bless!
Naam: Jill Simpson 07-02-2006 om 20:00
I was the "tour leader" of this amazing trip. What an incredible group of adventurous and intelligent people! I still speak with some of you, but would love to hear from the rest of you. Also, come find me in Italy...
Jill Now works in Italy

much love, JILL
Naam: Rob 25-01-2006 om 11:04
One day I will make trip like this.... I dont know when but I will!
Naam: Pascal 02-01-2006 om 11:15
This web site is a very good idea. It reminds me a lot of memories. I did a Westerner trip in 1982 and I agree with you "it's the trip of a lifetime". I was 21 then, like you I took hundreds of pictures, and I keep in mind so numerous stories. It is a very good way of travelling, discovering the world and people from others countries and I can advise to any young people wondering about than kind of trip : don't hesitate : do it ! Thank for remembering all that happy time. Pascal, FRANCE
Naam: Matthew Francis 30-12-2005 om 01:19
Great website! Would luv to do 1 of the westeners this summer but im from uk and my friends dont have the ��, i am therefore considering doin it alone do many do this?? Thanx Mat
Naam: Christina 29-11-2005 om 19:56
Great website! I enjoyed it and I think now I can book my trek next summer without any worries! many thanks! PS: maybe you could write more details to your great photos?!?! Greetings from Germany Christina
Naam: Jimmy 02-11-2005 om 21:19
Love this website
Naam: Donna 12-09-2005 om 21:51
The tips section was spot on! Have done 4 treks now and have vowed never to bring travellers cheques, definitely take hair straighteners (yes I am that vain) and don't be precious about clothes. They will get VERY dirty!! Great website!!!
Naam: dani 23-08-2005 om 09:56
My sister and I are going on the westener 3 this october... Thanks for the tips on your website, they'll be very useful for us, cuz it's our first trip with trek america... ;)
Naam: [email protected] 20-08-2005 om 13:13
I have done many treks with Trek America - definately do get a pillow for those long drives in the van - the best highlight of my trek experience was when a photographer travelled with us and we got ourselves in the Trek Brochure during the 90s - it was memories to last a lifetime... your pictures bring back memories of our adventures with Trek - Keith Liverpool Australia
Naam: James Beckett 16-07-2005 om 22:39
really good one, but i would stick more with updating and fresh data. this will help a lot to play.
Naam: chantal 01-05-2005 om 19:56
Hi,I'm a 23 old dutch girl and I'm thinking about to do Western 3 or 2 this summer (2005). Does anyone have some recommendations, good or bad experiences, which you want to share with me??? Thanks a lot! Greetings Chantal
Naam: phil 13-02-2005 om 22:28
i did Westener 3 in 1993, i will never forget it, fantastic memories!....great website!
Naam: Robin 21-01-2005 om 23:17
Nice website!
Naam: Gila 16-12-2004 om 12:35
Nice website - and yes, I once took this trip myself (1995). Back then with AmeriCan, they have merged with Trek since then. Can only recommend the experience, it was the most amazing vacation I ever had. Absolute highlight: My tent mate left food in the tent... which is an absolute no-no. We came back to the camp site, only to find a bear with two cubs IN OUR TENT!!!. Took an hour for them to leave (with us in a save distance) and the tent stank of bear for days. Oh well... If you ever have a chance to go: I am jealous! Grtz from NL, Gila
Naam: Anke 05-11-2004 om 01:58
hey, i did the cross country trail this september from chicago to san francisco. websites like this one inspired me to do it and it really was one of my best trips ever! cool site, nice tips... :-)
Naam: Natalie 14-09-2004 om 02:03
Your website is really excellent. I am from Australia and looking to do a Western Sun Trek America tour. Your photos and tips were very useful to me.
Naam: John 11-09-2004 om 18:14
GREAT website!
Naam: Sanjay 27-08-2004 om 04:36
You really did make a lot of pictures! And hopefully friends too. By the way, the Hindi word for Name is "Naam" too!
Naam: I Nyoman 26-08-2004 om 04:11
I like your website; I will come again sometime.
Naam: Julia Nightingale 25-08-2004 om 21:07
What an absolutely brilliant website. Was part of the Frontier Canada Trip last September. Your photos and memories have prompted me to seriously considering Trek again next year.
Naam: Charles 22-08-2004 om 16:11
oops i forgot i was already in the U.S. in 2001 so thats the reason im going back for more
Naam: Charles 22-08-2004 om 16:10
hi very nice homepage in about 4 years im going again to the U.S. for 6 weeks together with a frend to drive from NY to SF see some frends and more thanks i like this page it helps me to find out what i need to know before i go
Naam: Kevin Gorton 20-07-2004 om 15:44
What a great website. It brought back all the memories of the trek I did 2 years ago. I did the California Cooler with Trek America's sister co. AmeriCan Adventures but we went to a lot of the same places you guys did. It looks like we even had the same boat for the SF bay cruise! Anyway I've been dying to get back out to the states and seeing sites like yours means I'm definitely going next year. Gonna do the Best of the East around August/September if anyone else out there is. Cheers Kev
Naam: Keith 25-06-2004 om 09:33
I have done 4 treks - Mountain Trail, Klondike, Rocky Mountaineer and Westerer 4. Had a fantastic time tour leaders were great as well as people from around the world. Favourite national park in Canada was Yoho NP in Alberta. You got to do Alaska best time to go on the last trek mid August. Saw Northern Lights, Salmon choked rivers, lots of wildlife. Best pub was Chilcoot Charlies in Ancorage.. Your web site is very good I enjoyed it Keith (Australia Sydney)
Naam: Nicole 23-05-2004 om 08:08
Hey guys, this site you's have, is excellent, well I hope to do the transcondinental north tour with trek america next september 2005, it sounds like you guys had a great time I hope it will be just has much fun when i go. looking forward too it. P.S hope to maybe see you's on the tour. "oh great Photos" Nicole Australia.
Naam: Willemijn 11-03-2004 om 16:21
Your trip sounds awesome! My dream is to make a trip like that when I'm older..
Naam: Mitzi 01-03-2004 om 23:14
Mooi om al de foto's te zien; ik heb zelf de Suthern Sun �n de Northern Trail gedaan ('93 en '97), 2 x 4 weken van kust naar kust; GEWELDIG!!!!!!!!!
Naam: Tom 01-02-2004 om 02:29
Cos'of your website I will do a trek with Trekamerica. I will do Footloose: Best of the Rockies. I am sure it will be as great as your trek has been.
Naam: Jenny Heggs 20-01-2004 om 10:53
Wow what a great homepage - I have done 4 treks in the past, 3 in the US and one in Mexico - I am about to embark on my second trip to Mexico in March - maybe I will be inspired to make a website like yours. Best Wishes Jenny
Naam: Stef 18-01-2004 om 12:13
Dit is een erg mooie site. Vooral de foto's en de verhalen zijn erg goed. Ga je het reisverslag nog verder on-line zetten? Ik ben namelijk erg benieud.
Naam: Benjamin Mottaz 06-01-2004 om 11:35
Hi! Nice website! I'm condsidering doing the same tour you guys did, this spring (may/june). It's fun to see all the pictures and it's a grat idea with the tips. Have a nice one !
Naam: Pieter Jan 30-11-2003 om 21:21
Leuk al die foto's, ga zo door
Naam: Ren� 17-08-2003 om 19:15
Hallo Cees, nou, mijn Westerner 2 rondreis zit erop en ik kan maar 1 ding zeggen, 2 weken is veeeeel te kort! Geweldig veel gezien, en een erg mooie gezellige groep, veel jonge mensen (12 totaal). Bedankt voor je tips!
Naam: Juanita 23-07-2003 om 20:45
Cees- The website looks amazing, many thanks and compliments have been made about your fabulous website on this side of the world.(South Africa)...Regards Juanita - Fellow Trekker on Westerner 3, 2002
Naam: Rens 17-07-2003 om 15:14
Yes, this website shows just how great this trip is! Complimenten aan Cees, naast 3 wkn Westerner3 zal het ook wel even zoveel tijd gekost hebben om alles te "archiveren", niet? Ik heb zelf deze tour gedaan van 13-06-03 tot 3-07-03,....f**king awesome!!
Naam: Cees 05-07-2003 om 19:57
I used an ImageTank with a 20 gig harddisc. :)
Naam: Ren� 05-07-2003 om 19:50
Hallo Cees, Geweldige website met prachtige verhalen en foto's!!! 19 juli a.s. ga ik op pad om te beginnen aan de Westerner 2. Mijn eerste keer alleen en tevens mijn eerste keer naar de US. Ik had er al veel zin in, na nu deze site bekeken te hebben nog veel meer!! Erg handig de "tips" die jij geeft, ook uit jou reisverslag heb ik waardevolle dingen kunnen halen. Wat ik mij afvraag, hoeveel geheugenkaartjes voor je digitale camera had jij wel niet bij je om 1400 foto's te maken? Groeten Ren�
Naam: Mirjam 02-07-2003 om 19:39
What an amzing website! compliments to you cees :) (leuk ook zo'n filmpje tussendoor!) i have the pleasure of visitng bryce canyon early august of this yer and cant tell you how excited i am about it! looking at sites like yours with amazing pics just makes me wish time moved a bit faster! thanks!! looking ffw to read more so hurry up and get busy with the site! :) have a great day! groetjes uit florida!
Naam: Yvonne 26-06-2003 om 17:48
This website is amazing, I looked at it a few weeks ago and then again today and realised just how much more you had put on the site! Myself and my boyfriend are thinking of doing this tour, it looks amazing. Thanks for letting others see it.
Naam: jan van marwijk 20-06-2003 om 21:08
Ik heb 20 jaar geleden deze trip gedaan en ik ben er nog steeds vol van.Een aanrader voor iedereen die van avontuur en veel tezien houd.
Naam: Fran�ois Backer 13-04-2003 om 09:41
Gave foto's en leuk om weer terug te zien op een aantal plekken waar ik met mijn treks (2000 Transcontinental North- en 2001 Southern Sun)ook ben geweest.
Naam: Ragna 01-04-2003 om 12:03
Supergave foto's op jullie site! Ik ga zelf over een paar weken mijn allereerste Trek maken, de Westerner 3 en volgensmij wordt het super als ik op jullie site afga....
Naam: Emile 26-03-2003 om 21:50
SUPER SITE EN SUPER MOOIE FOTO'S!!!! Ik heb zelf 5 jaar geleden de westerner 2 gedaan. En ik heb m'n ogen weer uitgekeken met jullie foto's. Ik zou er zo weer heen gaan!!. Verder zit ik dit jaar te denken aan Canada met Trek America. Verder heb ik ook een website gemaakt met foto's over mijn vakantie's. Kijk maar op Verder zet ik jullie site zeker bij m'n links op de site!! Groetjes, Emile
Naam: blade 30-01-2003 om 07:37
I like yuanita the most she is so cool
Naam: Manon Holtman 19-01-2003 om 17:49
Hi guys, what a great site you made! I saw a link at "" I clicked the button, and I had a flashback... In may 2000 I wade exactly the same trip. Looking at the pictures I had the feeling to be there again. It was my first big trip (and definatly not the last) and I saw there the most wonderful creatures of nature. It's a beautiful trip, and I'll reccomand it to everybody who has doubts which trip to choose! GO THERE!!!
Naam: Andr� 17-01-2003 om 20:48
I also went to the States last summer and really had the time of my life. I went to most places which are mentioned and shown on this site. How was Angel's Landing in Zion? Great view on top of the rock, right? If I watch all the photo's here, I makes me wanna go back inmediately.....check my story about the trip on Soon I will add some more photo's. Cheers!
Naam: Bart van Wonderen 02-09-2002 om 09:27
Hello travellers, I've done 2 trek America trips already and it's the best holiday time ever. I never expecited that a trip with all foreign people would be so cool. You learn new cultures and you have contacts after your trip to visit their countrie. After trek america I had reunions in England (twice) Sweden, Czech and australia and I'm still in contact with 6 people of 2 years of trek. I hope you are gonna update your site soon. It's cool to have a dutch site from trek America. But maybe it would be good if you had a connection to so that people can see all the different trek America trips their. I did Rocky Mountain High and Western Sun (winter trip) and they where both superb. take care Bart (I'm dutch, but I put this in English so everybody can read it!!!!)