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Name Rory Mackay
Nationality British
Age 23  
Why did you do this trek
I've always dreamt of going to the states...after going through some pretty tough times I decided that I was going to take the plunge and actually act on that dream.
What will you never forget:
Oh there are heaps of things I'm never gonna forget!! Like our limo ride in Vegas baby! Getting lost in Disneyland with Katie, the hike that almost killed me in the Grand Canyon, wearing Juanita's dress on independence Day (but Ian still won hands down!!), a scorpion in my tent (it WAS a scorpion!! Damn it!!), that freakish vulture at the Grand Canyon, freaking out when I realised that Mormons ban drinking and smoking (!!), getting high at Nevada Falls, the smell of Alcatraz and oh yeah, my drunken antics, both high and low!! It's all caught on camera for future generations. :-{ Oh and my fruitless search for a snog! I must inform you, however, that I have since received my kiss (quite a few actually!) and it was worth the wait!!
Will you do it again?
Hell yeah. But I'm still utterly broke!! Destitute even. If someone would like to pay for me, I wouldn't say no however. Just think, another Trek with ME. Now that is worth some serious dough!
Your quote?
I think I must have totally got on everyone's nerves. I can't resist a couple though: "Eeeeeeeeexcellent". And my impression of American people (it was so dead-on): "Oh My Gaad!!"