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Name Juanita Duncan
Nationality South African
Age 29  
Why did you do this trek
this was a surprise from my Mom - challenging and a way of getting through to other people that the world is not beyond one's reach. It was a dream that had to come true ...
What will you never forget:
there are so many but here they are, almost killing myself in the Grand Canyon's 9 mile hike, not to mention the 7 mile hike in Yosemite with Rory and Cees, losing my sunglasses in the longdrop in Yosemite and Rory's exclamation - "I'm not going to fetch it!"

Oh and Cees's " Oh my God in the Canyons loo...very interesting moments - not to mentions Rory's "Ian will you respect me in the morning" after the vodka poisoning in Zion, and then in Monterey in the late hours of the cold evening saying to the poor exhausted Ian " What will you do if you only had a few months to live ?" Ian's reply was "SLEEP!"

Another very moment that will always be with me is how Jill, with such a straight face show me the loo at Cowboy Camp - she did it with so much style and pizzas.....!

Warning to future trekkers - bring along a toilet and a shower that does not cheat you out of a proper shower...
Will you do it again?
Your quote?
"I am what I am " and "Wherefore the Grace of God goeth I!"