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Name Jill Simpson (Trekleader)
Nationality American
Age 27  
Why are you a Trek America leader?:

I truly enjoy people from all over the world and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to show these people the beautiful places in my country.
What will you never forget:
I will never forget thinking on that very first day we spent together at Disneyland that these people get along so well, it's like they have been friends for years. I know that first impressions can be way off, but mine wasn't. Our group dynamics were just incredible. I will never forget seeing everyone get off their horses at Slim and Cody's after hours of riding. It was dark so all I could see were the silhouettes of their bowed legs.
I will never forget (or rather remember) our night out in San Francisco and our baseball game the following day. Consequently, I went to a Chicago Cubs game later in the summer and who were they playing?? ..Arizona. I properly thanked our pitcher Brian Anderson for the tickets while he was warming up on the sidelines.
He remembered and said he was glad that we enjoyed ourselves in San Fran. Coke and Bacardi's, alien burgers, our "last supper," rollerblading, Rory and Ian in dresses, frisbee on the beach, Cowboy CD, wow!!!
3 weeks just packed with great memories!!

Warning to future trekkers - don't have an agenda, just go with the flow and remember; your leader is not a computer...she doesn't know everything.
Maybe wait 2 seconds before you ask might come up with the answer yourself ;-)
Will you do it again?
I'll be back in the drivers seat in March!
Your quote?
"Never separate the lives you live with the words you speak"