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Name Elaine
Nationality British
Why did you do this trek
>I wanted to explore the awesome sights of the South West region of North America, with like minded people, without the hassle of organizing the whole trip, or driving myself thousands of miles. Trek America seemed like the obvious answer.
What will you never forget:
Overcoming my fear of heights and climbing the 1488 ft ascent up to "Angels Landing" in Zion National Park. It was a totally exhilarating experience. The crazy roller coaster ride we took in Las Vegas - let's just say it went slightly faster than any of us expected it would !!!!!!
Will you do it again?
YES ! and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Trek America to all my friends
Your quote?
"What would everyone like for dinner" I was given the job of 'food mama' which meant I was mostly responsible for the storage and purchase of food throughout our trek. "Are we nearly there yet" Some of our journeys were VERY, VERY, VERY long ...