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Name Cees Willemse
Nationality Dutch
Age 40  
Why did you do this trek
I always knew I wanted to travel a few weeks in the States. See lots of things. BUT I didn't want to go on my own and I didn't to drive a car all day. So Trekamerica was the obvious choice for me. I toke me 5 years to raise the money. I spend about 3500-4000 euro all included (like the train here in Holland and food)
What will you never forget:
The day Yvonne got pushed over by that horse at the cowbow ranch.
I already forgot the night at the HotSprings. I drank just a tine bit of Bacardi making me lose my memory and underwear !

Will you do it again?
YES, but i'am to old :(  If the people from Trekamerica are willing to look the other way for just one more time... I maybe do another Trek next summer (2003)
Your quote?
"Smakelijk eten"
When ever we started eating we in Holland always say "Eat well" .
It inmedately caught on with Rory, our linguist, "Smack your face in"
Sounds almost the same but..