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Tips - Cees   

You can PIN in the States as easy as here in Holland. (Get money out of the wall)

Bring you own flashlight. You really need it. Unlike here in Holland.. When the sun sets It will be pitch-dark instantly.

Buy a pillow on the first day you arrive in the States

Washing powder
Bring your own washing powder (detergent). Even then your clothes will NOT get clean.

Cheap Levis
Buy cheap Levis when you are in the States.. It cost me 21 in Holland 70 !!

Don't use travellerchecks. It's a pain.

I wore my Teva-Sandals the whole 3 weeks except during my stay in Vegas and The Grand Canyon hike where I wore "runners/sport shoes".

Don't bring to much clothes! They get dirty the moment you put them on

Amount of film.
Do bring a ridicules amount of film. You will make 700 pictures at least! (I made 1400)

Bring Deed/citronella/ or what ever to keep the midgets/mosquitos/gnat/muggen away. You don't need it often.

Bring aspirin with you. You'll maybe get a bit ill from the temperature changes in and out a air-conditioned places. (Or from hangovers)

Please use factor 20 the first few days and then go to factor 10 (if your body can stand that) and even further down. I used factor 20 the whole 3 weeks and stayed as white as sheet.