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Car Shopping in San Diego.
Elaine, Ian, Jill (Tour guide) and I(Juanita), entered a Automobile shop that deals with vintage cars of all shapes and sizes. I would have loved a photograph with the Lamborghini - however you have to be "naked "before even touching the car - wishful thinking on the owners part....? So I had to settle for a photo for whatever car this is.
San Diego Hike View
A group of us decided to a hike at Razor Point near San Diego, this is the view at the start of the trail.
Group photo
of us going on our Boat ride in San Francisco...
Group photo
of our last day camping in Santa Barbara
Sight Seeing in San Diego.
Some went to Sea World and some of us decided to explore San Diego's Quater District, which apparently the older part of San Diego.
Rory and I
did some sunglasses shopping in Zion - well this is what my sunglasses looked like as the next day I lost them down a long-drop in Yosemite....I still have not invested in another pair of shades as I am still in mourning over these....
Vegas Ride
I am still wondering if this was not a warning from Jill to behave as this was one of the scariest rides of a insides I am sure of it will always be upside down since that day in Vegas at the Sahara.....(Hope that was the correct hotel - there were so many and they were all so big....)
Yvonne and I (Juanita) after the ride
- I just did not know whether I must start crying or was an "awesome" experience.
Evidence that I did do the Hike in Yosemite - Rory took this photo - by the way!
- on our way to Nevada Falls - I think Rory and I (Juanita) drove poor Cees nuts - I still say that it must be "happy gas" that made us laugh all the way up to the top....!
Ian and Yvonne
- my fellow hiker in the Grand Canyon on the Angel Bright tour...I really thought I had lost my mind on the return, my legs were numb, Yvonne got sunstroke, but thanks to Ian and two fellow Belgian hikers, they really made the hike possible with their patience and their constant motivation, we all arrived exhausted, but safe back to our campsite....We hiked 9 miles that day!

Mexican Hat
- Cowboy Camp the Horse Ride you will never forget ....!!!

Ian could also inform you of all the facilities available in the "Route 66 loo..."
Ian and Yvonne
- at the 4th of July Party Bash....
Group photo
before we left for a memorable trip in a limo...this was really amazing and a great surprise to us all....
Picnic - San Diego Hike
Before we started off to the Razor Point Hike trail we had lunch on top of the "Sweaty Betty's" roof.
Rory playing the tour guide,
showing the wonderful bathroom facilities available to all tourists on Route 66...there's is a television as well....?
San Diego Hike group...
(Guess you know us by now!)